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The Bent is...

A non-profit 501(c)3 theater dedicated to resourcing the talents and needs of the LGBTQIA+ communities. We believe by shining a light on humanity through theater and other artistic expressions we can create a deeper understanding of our common struggles, triumphs, joys and love within our community.

Steven Rosenbaum

Artistic Director

Terry Ray

Managing Director

Board Of Directors

Susannah Blinkoff

Terry Ray

Leonard Majzlin

Steven Rosenbaum

Larry LaFond


Cherlyn Lanning

Jason Reale

Richard Jessup

Stan Zimmerman

Andy Fickman

John Boswell

Don  McCormick 

Michael Green

Mel England

Amy Rowell


Nick Wass

Sponsors & Donors

The Palm Springs Cultural Center

Susannah Blinkoff & Jordan Corngold

Leonard Majzlin

Jim Albright & Tom Peterson

Richmond/Ermet Aid Foundation

Rich Fluechtling, James Neuman, Jerry Weyer,  Lucien Agosta PhD., Marconi Calindas,

Lawrence O'Toole, Wesley Detwiler & Travis Creston Detwiler, Martha Hackett, Steve Chivers, Jeffrey Norman, Richard Alther, David Reaves, Justin Lavoie, Stacie Khouri, Martha Demson,

Eric Seppala, Alexei Barnes & James Keough, Salim Alama & Monty Poff, Wallace Skok, 

Gary Holtzer & Scott LeBlanc, Joshua Friedman, Erven Kuhlmann, Richard Wilkinson,

Kenneth McCauley & David Combs, Thomas Elkas, Richard Gibbons & Robert Ollis,

Barbara Kerr, Susan L. Jones, and Ralf Suter with Re[x]

Get Bent

Donate, buy tickets or just show your support for us.

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