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"If their preview production is an indication, hold onto your hats.  THE BENT theatre might just end up being the most in-demand ticket in town."
                                                        ---Broadway World



In partnership with The Palm Springs Cultural Center 

Season Two 
Announcement Soon!



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Attention Theater Actors in

Palm Springs!


At last, a group audition for 8 Coachella Valley performing arts groups, including The Bent. 


We haven't officially announced our 2023-2024 season yet, but we will before the auditions.  

We will likely have our own auditions at some point but we will definitely be looking for actors for next season at this audition.  (FYI our season will include one musical).

Our First Season Just Closed With...

This production of THE BOYS OF THE BAND is a most extraordinary work,
magnificently handled by the director and cast - and a triumphant conclusion to
LGBTQ theater company The Bent's excellent first season."

--- Valerie-Jean Hume, CV Independent

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"I didn't like THE BOYS IN THE BAND... I loved it.  In fact I loved everything about it."

"The cast was genius... I can only say that they are a most extraordinary group,
and every one of them is to be praised."

"Rosenbaum's touch is magnificent, bringing out all the subtle
differences between the characters."

I was hugely moved by this play... there was a moment that actually brought
me out of my chair with a small scream."

---Valerie-Jean Hume, The Coachella Valley Independent

Harold is "played with poisonous venom by Scott Khouri"...Scott Sterling Hill does "an excellent job"... Tony Bradford brings "courage and skill"...Emory played "delightfully with palpable pain by Grey LeFey"...Kai Brothers and Matthew Yenesel "excellent performance"...Emrhys Cooper "is stellar in his role"..."Kevin Steinberg does a fine job mining Alan's deeply stewing anger, pain and homophobia"..."Terry Ray superby demonstrates his stage prowess"...
"Directed with precision by Rosenbaum."

--Jason Mannino, Stage And Cinema

"All the actors do a fine job, with Ray's megawatt performance commanding the stage... watching his turn as an affable man into an emotional terrorist is riveting to watch...
Ray is so good in this role, I'm not sure the character of Alan or Steinberg;
who portrays him, will ever recover.  Someone should check on him."

LeFey's Emory, an aging queen with no "F's" left to give save the one Michael mines...
a very funny and touching performance."

Emrhys Cooper as Cowboy... what Brad Pitt brought to
THELMA AND LOUISE, Cooper brings to BOYS.

Director Steve Rosenbaum... a testament to his talent in staging that he had nine people and a fully-dressed set on a rather small stage and it never, not once, felt crowded."

--Kay Kudukis, BroadwayWorld

Reviews from our recent hit production of...


"Two remarkable actors star in Martin Sherman's GENTLY DOWN THE STREAM. Terry Ray and Daniel Bateman shine in this relationship drama directed by Steve Rosenbaum... chemistry and charm carry the day in this unconventional love story."

Mike Napoli - Performing Arts LIVE

"An astonishing theatrical experience"

"A knockout"

"Impossible to find a flaw in Ray's delivery...the audience is in the palm of his hand for the entire show...something you won't soon forget."

Director Steve Rosenbaum is also an actor which helps explain the depth of his success
...explains the quality work with his actors."

"Rufus (Daniel Bateman) and Beau (Terry Ray) exchange perfectly timed conversations's endlessly interesting."

Justin Ledesma "brightens the stage with his energy and presence."

"The best thing you can do is go see this play's my favorite of the season."

Valerie-Jean Hume - THE CV INDEPENDENT

"The Bent continues their pattern of excellence... Not only is The Bent telling gay stories -
they are consistently telling them damned well!"

"I honestly don't think Laurence Olivier could do a better job with the monologues than Terry Ray did... a nuanced performance... Ray's dialect is masterful and consistent."

"The Bent's Artistic Director, Steve Rosenbaum, directs with the inventive excellence that we have come to expect from him.  He brings great humanity to the script."

"The production values are top-notch and all three actors presented outstanding performances."

"Top marks to The Bent for bringing this jewel to our attention and
presenting it with unwavering excellence!"

Stan Jepson - BroadwayWorld

The Bent's inaugural production

The Coachella Valley’s brand new LGBTQ theater company, The Bent's first production was the world premiere of THE LINCOLN DEBATE by Terry Ray, the playwright of ELECTRICITY, the record-breaking longest running play in Palm Springs. Steve Rosenbaum directs.

THE LINCOLN DEBATE takes a funny, touching and historically honest look at the relationship between Abraham Lincoln and Joshua Speed, a man he shared a bed with for four years. Did they have an intimate relationship? Did one of the greatest men in American history have a letter under the LGBTQ banner that fit him? You will leave THE LINCOLN DEBATE armed to draw your own conclusions.

"The play will blow your mind."
Thought Provoking"
---The Coachella Valley Independent

"One of the most enjoyable evenings in the theatre I've experienced in a long time."

"The writing is witty and informative"

"All five actors are superb"

Steve Rosenbaum's direction "smooth, slick & mind-boggling"


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